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Business Policies

Bridge: Communication & Technology

Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Company Limited (HSBE) will promote the communications of persons or goods and strengthen the connections between the related areas. HSBE will also contribute to the development of national economic activity and the improvement of human livings, by maintaining the world-class long-span bridges between Honshu and Shikoku.

In addition, we widely contribute to the society by making use of the construction and maintenance technologies for long-span bridges.

  1. We will make efforts to provide better services for customers to use the expressways safely, securely and comfortably.
  2. We will operate and maintain the expressways to aim for being used more than 200 years.
  3. We will advance and succeed to our own bridge technologies as a front runner of the bridge engineering.
  4. We will preserve the beautiful landscape of the Seto Inland Sea.
  5. We will aim at the stabilizing and developing our businesses by managing the businesses fairly and efficiently.

Code of Conducts

  1. We will challenge our businesses with pride and confidence to realize the business policies.
  2. We will make efforts to communicate with customers by always standing from the viewpoint of customers.
  3. We will certainly solve any problems by making points of the sites and taking prompt actions.
  4. We will face our business with independence and autonomy spirits, and try to be self-improving and our own initiative.
  5. We will trust and understand each other in deep for making cheerful and well-communicated work places.
  6. We will always keep our spirits for supporting our company with the wish of the company's development and building our own happiness.

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