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Training for Bridge Engineers

HSBE contributes to the bringing-up overseas bridge engineers by utilizing the assets operated by HSBE and its technical information, experience and knowledge.

(1) Technical Training for Overseas Engineers

HSBE have received many overseas technical teams, approximately 40 teams per year, and have provided them for much technical information on the construction and maintenance of long-span bridges.

HSBE has also conducted country-focused technical trainings in Japan for the Philippines, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as multinational technical group trainings, committed by JICA since 2007. HSBE makes a training program according to the specification from JICA, coordinates and conducts the training normally about for one month. In the trainings, design, construction and maintenance technologies developed for highway structures and long-span bridges are provided through lectures, technical visits and on-the-job trainings.


Technical Training for Overseas Engineers

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