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Traffic Control

HSBE must keep the highway in good quality to guarantee a safe, smooth, and speedy traffic flow to the users. Therefore, HSBE developed an efficient system to gather data on traffic conditions such as accidents and traffic congestion, and on weather conditions such as rainfalls and winds. These data are quickly diagnosed and appropriate measures are taken, including offering information on the roadside LED information panels and highway broadcasting, etc. In the case of emergency occasion such as a traffic accident, HSBE cooperatively works with the highway police and fire departments.

Information Gathering

Traffic Control Center

ITV (Monitoring Camera)

The video cameras monitor various portions of the highway such as tunnels, interchanges, and bridges, where occurrence of an accident or a fire might be fatal. Live images are transmitted to the monitoring TV in the Traffic Control Center, and the staff can observe traffic conditions at any time in the office.

Emergency Telephone

Emergency telephones locate at every 1 km interval along the highway on land, every 500 m on long-span bridges across the strait, and every 200 m in tunnels. The users are able to call the Traffic Control Center in the case of emergency by using them.

Weather Observation System

The system measures ambient temperature, wind direction and speed, rainfall, visibility, etc. along the highway, and the data are transmitted to the Traffic Control Center.

Highway Patrol Cars

Squad cars patrol along the highway several times a day to search for abnormalities on the road. If the squad discovers an accident or a fallen object, or other abnormality, the staff reports a precise information on the case to the Traffic Control Center by radio, and every efforts are made to settle the case, which might cause secondary accidents.

Information Providing

LED Map Information Panels

The LED map information panel displays a simplified map of the relevant road network with some information on traffic congestion and travel time to typical destinations. It helps users in making decisions to choose suitable drive routes.

Highway Radio

Highway broadcasting system offers information on congested areas, accidents, timely regulations on the highway, etc., which can be listened to by the car radio.

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection system)

ETC is one of the road businesses which has been promoting by the government, and it has been introduced at Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway from April 1st, 2004.
Main objectives of this system are to reduce traffic congestion, achieve the smooth flowing of vehicles particularly through toll gate by eliminating the need to stop for payment. This is done through a wireless transmission of toll information between an antenna set up at the toll gate and radio transmitter in the car.
This system consists of three integral parts, the ETC card, the radio transmitter in the car (on-board equipment), and the toll gate's ETC antenna.

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