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Bicycle and Pedestrian Way

Outline of Bicycle and Pedestrian Way

Nishi-Seto Expressway accommodates a bicycle and pedestrian way in the long-span bridge portions, although the expressway is a fully-access-controlled highway, about 60km long, which connects Onomichi in Honshu with Imabari in Shikoku,

Pedestrians, bicycles and motor-bikes (the engine displacement is 125cc or less) should use the way for passing the bridges.

Commuters can use the way and tourists can pass long-span bridges on foot or by bicycles.

Those who would like to recognize the actual huge structures in Nishi-Seto Expressway, or who want to discover newly attractive experiences are recommended that they pass the bridges by using the bicycle and pedestrian way.

Innoshima Bridge
(inside the girder)
  Tatara Bridge   Kurushima-Kaikyo

Distance Table between Main Places


Onomichi Station Innoshima BridgeIkuchi BridgeTatara BridgeOhmishima Bridge Hakata-Ohshima BridgeKurushima-Kaikyo BridgesSunrise Itoyama
Onomichi Station9.822.538.145.350.266.169.7
Innoshima Bridge9.812.728.335.540.456.359.9
Ikuchi Bridge22.512.715.622.827.743.647.2
Tatara Bridge38.128.315.
Ohmishima Bridge45.335.522.87.24.920.824.4
Hakata-Ohshima Bridge50.240.427.712.14.915.919.5
Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridges66.156.343.628.020.815.93.6
Sunrise Itoyama69.759.947.231.624.419.53.6

The distance shown in the table is an approximate distance when the recommended route is selected.
The distance is measured between the centers of each bridge.

Toll Rate

Light vehicles (bicycles, motor-bikes whose engine displacement are 125cc or less etc...)


Innoshima BridgeIkuchi BridgeTatara Bridge Ohmishima BridgeHakata-Ohshima BridgeKurushima-Kaikyo Bridges

Pedestrians are free of charge.
Bicycles are free of charge until March31,2019

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