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Tour Exploration

Technology of Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is shown in “Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center”.

Introduction of the tour

Explanation of construction technique

After leaving “Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center”, there is no lavatory during the tour until the tour finishes. Before leaving, you may go to the bathroom.

Let us go to Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge!

You climb down stairs.

You walk on the maintenance path in the bridge girder.

Stairs are down to the maintenance path. Now it's time for a spectacular tour.

You walk along the center of the maintenance path as much as possible.

You cannot help seeing the sea through grid deck of the path.

Participants of the tour can walk on the maintenance path in the bridge girder, 50m over the sea, about 1km long. All of you can look down ships navigating while aerial walking. When the tour, you are requested to watch your step and not to drop your belongings.

Shall we go up to the top of the tower!

You get on the lift.

At last, you arrive at the top.

It takes about two minutes until you get to the 98th floor. Weather permitting, you can see the view of Kansai Airport and Shodo Island as well as Osaka.

You can get a wonderful photo with participants taken by the leader and a certification for visiting the top. They must be memorial goods for you.