The tours by the end of September 2020 are cancelled for prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection and safety of guests.

Acceptance of participation reservations for October will be postponed.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Application through WEB

  1. 1. Click “Application by Internet” below.
  2. 2. Click your favorite month and date in calendar.
  3. 3. Input the number of adults and children, and then click “Application”.
    - The total number of adults and children applied are limited to FIVE. When more than FIVE persons try to make an application, please make an application for the rest with a different representative and make a call to the Secretariat of the tour (+81-78-784-3396) to inform to the Secretariat that you are the same groups.
    - An adult, at least, has to accompany junior high school students.
  4. 4. Input the name, address, phone number (also cell phone number, if agreed), and e-mail address of the representative of your group, and the names and ages of the rest of participants. After confirming the contents above, and then click “Application”.
  5. 5. “Reservation Message” with “Application number” is sent to you through e-mail address registered.
  6. 6. The representative of the group applied has to bring the “Reservation Message” printed to the reception desk of the Bridge World.
You can tell the receptionists your “Reservation message” in oral.
When you bring the “Reservation Message” printed, you can enter both “Bridge Exhibition Center” and “Maiko Marine Promenade” for free before and after joining the Bridge World only on the day you attend the tour.

We would like more persons to join the tour.
We therefore accept only one application from one person or from any person in the same group.

Example of Reservation Message

From: Secretariat of the Bridge World
Sent: Friday, February 1, 20×× 10:30 AM
To: +++@+++
Subject: You are welcome to the Bridge World.

Application number for "Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge World": N00015

We thank you for joining "Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge World".
The reservation was completed as you requested.


Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge World

Reservation Number: N00015
Date and Time registered: February-01-20×× 10:30

Date of the Tour: April-07-20×× AM
The Number Joined: 2
Adult: 2
Children: 0

(The rest is omitted.)