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Introduction of the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Project

Ohnaruto Bridge

Bridge Type:
Stiffened truss suspension bridge with three spans and two hinges
Ground Breaking Ceremony:
July 2, 1976
Commenced on-Site Construction:
September 12, 1976
Opened to Traffic:
June 8, 1985

Ohnaruto Bridge is a suspension bridge with 876 m of the center span length, crossing Naruto Strait which is famous for an eddying current.
The final shape of the Bridge will be a two-story structure for both highway with 6 lanes and railway with 2 tracks which are applicable to a bullet train. At present, only 4 lanes for highway are in service, and in the future, another 2 tracks for highway and 2 tracks for railway will be added on the bridge structure.

Side View

(Unit : meter)