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Using this website

About the handling of information collected on this website

  • Basic concept

    Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Company Limited (hereinafter "Company") collects information of visitors using the Hon-Shi Expressway website (refers to https://www.jb-honshi.co.jp/ and its subdirectories, and hereinafter "Website") to the extent necessary for smooth operation of services (information provision, receipt of comments and opinion, etc.) on the Website. The collected information will be appropriately handled within the scope of the purpose of use.

  • Scope of information collection

    (1) This Website automatically collects the Internet domain name, IP address, and other information related to viewing this Website (hereinafter "User Information").

    (2) Some webpages on this Website use cookies. Cookies are information transmitted by the server to the User's browser for the Website provider to identify the User's computer. Cookies are stored on the User's computer and are limited to content that serves the purpose of improving user-friendliness and does not include personal information. Any User can disable cookies from their browser settings.

    (3) When a User submits an opinion or inquiry, the Company may ask the User to provide their name, e-mail address, phone number, address, and other personal information (hereafter "User Attributes"). The sender's e-mail address is displayed on the recipient's side.

    (4) The Company may ask for registration of User Attributes when registering for "Wataru Membership" and applying for participation in PR events and such, as well as when it is necessary by nature of the occasion, such as questionnaires, to provide User Attributes.

  • Purpose of use

    (1) Information collected through 2.(1) and 2.(2) above will be used as reference by the Company to ensure smooth operation of services provided through this Website.

    (2) Opinions and needs collected through 2.(3) will be used as reference to improve business operations and services; they will not be used for any other purposes. The User Attributes provided will be used for the purpose of responding to customers' opinions and inquiries. They will not be used for any other purposes without your prior consent.

    (3) Information collected through 2.(4) will be used, only within the necessary extent, for the smooth implementation and service improvement of the said PR events, etc.

    (4) This Website uses Google Analytics to understand the state of access. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user information. For information on Google Analytics' terms of use and privacy policy, please visit Google's website.

    Google Analytics https://developers.google.com/analytics/

    Google Analytics Terms of Use https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/

    Google Inc. Privacy Policy https://policies.google.com/privacy

  • Restriction on use and provision

    The Company does not use, or provide any third party with, the collected information for any purposes other than the purpose of use described in 3 above unless there is a statutory disclosure request, illegal acts such as unauthorized access and threat, or other special reason. However, The Company may publicize statistically processed information, such as our Website access information and User Attributes.

  • Security efforts

    The Company takes necessary measures to prevent any leakage, loss, or damage of collected information and otherwise for the proper management of the collected information. The Company may outsource the operation of this Website to an external entity, at which necessary measures are also taken for the proper management of collected information.

  • Scope

    This information handling policy is only applied to this Website and is not applied to external websites linked to this Website. Information is handled at external sites under their respective responsibilities. The privacy policies for the respective social media services used in this Website can be accessed on the respective operators' websites.

  • Other

    Hon-Shi Expressway may revise this information handling policy. Any revision hereto will be announced on this Website.

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  • The copyrights of the texts, photographs, images, and other work found on this Website (hereinafter "Content") belong to the Company or the author or other right holder.
  • Users may download or otherwise duplicate the Content limited to the purpose of using it within a limited scope, such as for personal use or at home.
  • Except for the cases above and cases set forth in the Copyright Act, users cannot duplicate, alter, or publicly transmit, or otherwise use Content for any purpose or in any form without the Company's permission.


  • The rights to trademarks and logos on this Website belong to the Company or individual right holders.
  • Except for cases allowed by the Trademark Act and/or other laws, users cannot use trademarks and logos for any purpose or in any form without the Company's permission.

Links to this Website

  • This Website is in principle free to link to, with the exception of cases where with certain information link restriction is explicitly noted.
  • When setting up links, please clearly state that the link is to the Company's Website.

Using this Website

  • This Website does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, or certainty of the Content, or make any other guarantees. The Company does not assume any responsibility for any damage that may arise out of the use of the Content.
  • The structure, terms of use, URL, and Content of this Website are subject to change or suspension without notice.
  • The operation of this Website is subject to suspension or discontinuation without notice.

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