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EV Rapid Charging Station

Set-Up Location

Route Name Parking Area No. of Set-Ups
E28 Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway Awaji Highway Oasis Inbound/Outbound
1 (It can charge 2cars at the same time)
Awajishima-Minami PA Inbound 1
Outbound 1
E30 Seto-Chuo Expressway Yoshima PA Inbound/Outbound
E76 Nishi-Seto Expressway Setoda PA Inbound 1
Outbound 1

*The Awaji Highway Oasis can be accessed from Awaji smart IC and the Awaji Service Area by either the inbound or outbound routes,without having to exit the expressway.

For the locations of NEXCO-West Nippon expressway set-up locations around the Honshi Bridge Expressway area. Click here

Service Content (Operational Hours and Method, etc.)

This service is maintained and operated e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc
The content of the charging service provided by the e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc is as follows.

■Operational Hours

24 hours (no holidays)

*There may be short periods of suspended operation in order to perform charging device maintenance.
Please refer to 「this site」 when using.

■How to Use

Can be used by those who have the exclusive "Charging Card" prepared by the automobile maker, NCS, and JTB,etc.and by those who have a credit card and through obtaining the charging password issued by the e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc.(The charging password can be obtained upon registering a credit card.)
For more details, please first confirm the usage guide posted directly on the charging device, then contact the following help desk.
Please check with each charge card issuer for charging fees.

Issuing/Verifying Passwords/How to Operate
Regarding Trouble with the Charging Device
e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc Customer Help Desk
 0570-200-588(Automated Voice Guidance)
 (24hours(no holidays))

To those who use a pacemaker or an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator)

Please do not approach the rapid charging device.
If necessary, please ask someone to assist in operating the device.
Electromagnetic waves emitted from this product during charging may temporarily affect the pacemaker and ICD.

A Request to Our Customers

EV QUICK Logo Mark

Parking spaces with this mark are exclusive spaces for electric car rapid charging.
Please do not park in these spaces if you are not using the rapid charging equipment.

*Once you have finished charging, please move your vehicle to another space in a prompt manner so that other customers may utilize the rapid charging device.

Road closure informationJun 16, 2024, 03:47 pm present date

  • There is no road closure.

  • There is no road closure
    to motorcycle traffic.

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