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Smart Interchange

Smart IC is an interchange(IC) exclusively for ETC.

Precautions for use

Only Vehicles with the car's onboard equipment(OBE), into which the ETC card is properly inserted can use Smart ICs.
If something is wrong with the OBE or ETC card is expired, you cannot use Smart ICs.
At Smart IC, communications to open the gate will start after stopping in front of the gate, so please be careful when using.
If the gate does not open even after stopping temporarily please press communication button to start communication.
If the gate still does not open, please press call button.
Staff will contact you.
Lanes can be closed without notice when necessary for road management.
In this case, the Smart IC cannot be used. Please use the next IC.

  • Customers who do not have a in-vehicle device and ETC card should follow the attendant's instructions using the intercom provided on the tollgate. Do not back up, as this is dangerous.
  • Lanes may close without prior notice as necessary for road management.
    In that case, it will not be possible to enter and exit the smart interchange during the lane closure. Please use the next interchange instead.
  • We are not able to process payments of outstanding tolls on your ETC card.
  • For other information, please refer to the ETC system usage standards and detailed regulations.

Locations with smart interchanges

Road name Location name Business hours Types of vehicles permitted Notes
E28 Kobe-Awaji-
Naruto Expressway
Awaji-Kita Smart
(Entrance ONLY)
All day All vehicles
(vehicle length of 12.0 meters or less)
E28 Kobe-Awaji-
Naruto Expressway
All day All vehicles
(vehicle length of 12.0 meters or less)

Smart interchange usage tolls

It is possible to search for usage tolls using the toll search.

Road closure informationApr 14, 2024, 11:41 pm present date

  • There is no road closure.

  • There is no road closure
    to motorcycle traffic.

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