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How to use ETC

1. Application for ETC card, purchase of in-vehicle device

Before using ETC, apply for an ETC card with a credit card company or the like, and purchase an in-vehicle device and have it set up at a car dealer or automotive parts store.
Click here for ETC card application

Click here for information about in-vehicle device installation.

2. Precautions while driving

Please check to make sure your ETC card is firmly inserted into the in-vehicle device and working normally. Insertion or removal of the card by the driver while driving is dangerous. Please do so before you begin driving or while parked.

3. In front of the tollgate entrance

In accordance with the lane use signs, move to a lane in which ETC may be used. Enter an ETC lane.

4. Passing through the tollgate

5. Tollgate exit

The tollgate display unit will show a ↑ mark and display information such as the toll amount (Shuto Expressway tollgates display ↑ETC only), the barrier gate bar will lift, and it will become possible to pass through.
*Please do not remove your ETC card from the in-vehicle device immediately after passing through the ETC lane. This can lead to data loss or damage to the card.

6. Parking and getting out of your car

The ETC card is the same as an ordinary credit card. Please take care not to lose it or have it stolen. When you get out of your car, remove the ETC card from the in-vehicle device and carry it with you.

7. Toll payment

For toll payment, an invoice will be sent after the fee is incurred, and on the settlement date, the toll amount will be withdrawn from your designated bank account.

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