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Vol.19 No.76 1995.10


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【巻頭言】Prefatory note

  • うましま

    Carrying Barge with Dynamic Positioning System


    Hiroki Matsumoto

【技術論文】Technical report

  • 斜張橋鋼床版の圧縮疲労強度

    Compressive fatigue strength of orthotropic steel deck for a cable-stayed bridge


    Yuji Fujii, Harukazu Ohashi


    Orthotropic steel deck has been used for long-span bridges in the Honshu-Shikoku Bridges, because of its light dead weight. This orthotropic steel deck of shallow box girder is used for the main girder for Tatara Bridge which will be the world's longest cable-stayed bridge when its completion. The component of cables tension acts as a compression force to the girder. For the joint of longitudinal trough rib conducted at yard welded joint is adapted for the regions near towers where compression dominates. For all the field joints executed at the construction site, high tensile bolted joint is adapted. Compressive fatigue tests were conducted to investigate the fatigue strength of field joints with welded and bolted longitudinal rib.

  • 明石海峡大橋プレキャストパネルの設計・施工

    Design and Construction of Precast Panel for Akashi Kaikyo Bridge


    Seigo Nasu, Tetuo Saito



    The report discusses of the precast panel adopted to the foundation of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, focusing on the structure, characteristics, design and work method, and some considerations on the construction work of the panel.

    Specific features described are of: a need for protection of concrete surface of a mass concrete structure made of low heat cement; detail study on strength of precast panel due to employment of high flowability concrete; and a need for aesthetic design on a huge structure.

  • リンク式伸縮装置に関する現地計測

    Site Measurement on Link type Expansion Joint


    Susumu Maruo, Kunio Fujitani, Kiyomi lshibashi



    The link type expansion joint is designed for a large deformation of the bridge's end. This joint is the most compact one comparing the rolling leaf type and the finger type expansion joints.

    Link type expansion joint have been applied to four brides in the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

    Recently, the noise from these joints has increased gradually. Therefore, an improved type expansion joint has been installed at bannosu viaduct. This report shows result of measurement on stress and response for various members of the joints of ordinary type and improved type.

  • 多々羅大橋の下部工施工報告

    Report of construction on the Tatara Bridge


    Yoshimi Naruse




    The Tatara Bridge is constructed in the strait between Ikuchijima and Ohmishima islands, which feature the boarder of Hiroshima and Ehime prefecture.

    The substructure work began on 30 November 1992, completed the tower foundation work in March 1995, and is now under progress toward completion of side-span piers in January 1996.

    This report describes summary of tower foundation construction work for the Tatara Bridge.

  • 高密度電気探査法による水理地質調査

    Hydrological Geography Exploration by High-Density Electrical Prospection


    Yuji Nakamoto


    The open-cut part of Kannonzan area of Ikuchijima island for the Nishi-seto Expressway features some geographic characteristics such as deep deposit in alluvial fan and a large fluctuation of ground-water level in such a deposit. For this reason, a geographic structure of the cut and its background should be studied to clarify distribution of high permeability zone and its nature of such a deposit layer that affect stability of the cut.

    The exploration was carried out using the high density electrical prospection method, which has recently been developed, and a structure of hydrological geography was evaluated by this method. This report shows an outline of the exploration.

【海外報告】Overseas report

  • エチオピア国にて

    In Ethiopia


    Masao Hisato

  • アメリカ留学報告

    Report of Foreign Study in the U.S.


    Katsuya Ogihara

【技術ニュース】Technical news