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Vol.41 No.127 2016.9


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【巻頭言】Prefatory note

  • 千年、二千年の時を超えて

    We are in the stream of thousands of years of human history


    Toshio Sakai

【技術論文】Technical report

  • 交通管制システムの一元化集約と仮想化導入

    Centralization and Virtualization of Traffic Management System


    Naoki Mitsuhashi





    The traffic management system is an important backbone system for traffic control operation. The traffic management systems of Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway had been constructed and independently operated in each expressway route.

    The new traffic management system were centralized to the one system by unifying or consolidating the process functions of the three traffic management systems in the three routes of Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway, and realized hardware consolidation by virtualization technology that enabled multiple virtual servers to which each process function was allocated to run on a single physical server.

    This paper describes the design and construction of centralization and server virtualization of the traffic management system.

  • 木津高架橋の耐震補強設計・施工

    Design and construction of seismic retrofit for Kizu Viaduct


    Hiroki Murakami, Yoshiteru Yokoi


    Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co., Ltd. is doing seismic retrofit for highway bridges located in some part of Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway. The seismic retrofit is being carried out in order to secure the emergency route which connect the prefectural capitals of Honshu and Shikoku Islands together with national highways in case of huge earthquake in the future. This paper reports the outlines of the seismic performance evaluation, design, and construction of seismic retrofit of Kizu Viaduct, Naruto IC Ramp Bridge and Nakayamatanigawa Bridge,located near the Naruto IC.

  • 瀬戸大橋ケーブル送気乾燥システムの改善経緯と今後の課題

    Improvement of Dry Air Injection System for Main Cables in Seto Ohashi Bridges and Future Issues


    Yoshikatu Kadota, Masahiro Takeguchi



    The Dry Air Injection System for main cables installed in the Seto-Ohashi Bridges has been in operation since 1998-1999 when ten years had passed since their opening. Since relative humidity (RH) inside the cables in some portions had been observed to remain over 40% RH (target value) even after its operation, phased improvement of the system as well as dehumidification of the splay chambers had been implemented and completed in 2015.

    Although RH inside the cable had been drastically improved owing to those efforts, rising trend of RH in some portion has recently been seen. This paper describes the outline of the system's improvement, unwrapping observation of the cables and future issues.

【技術開発年次報告】Annual report of technology development

  • 技術開発と保全技術交流会議

    Technology Development and Maintenance Technology Committee


    Katsuya Ogihara, Masahiro Nishitani

  • 防食分科会 塗装(鋼)WGの取組

    Report of Working Group for Metal Coating System, Anticorrosion Subcommittee


    Shigeki Kusuhara, Masahiro Takeguchi, Masao Kume

  • 防食分科会 コンクリート保護工WGの取組

    Report of Working Group for Concrete Coating System, Anticorrosion Subcommittee

    楠原栄樹・山根 彰

    Shigeki Kusuhara, Akira Yamane

  • 防食分科会 海中基礎防食WGの取組

    Report of Working Group for Anticorrosion for Underwater Foundations, Anticorrosion Subcommittee


    Masahiro Takeguchi, Shigeki Kusuhara

  • 防食分科会 ケーブル送気WGの取組

    Report of Working Group for Cable Dehumidification System, Anticorrosion Subcommittee

    岡本 豊・大浦義司

    Yutaka Okamoto, Yoshiji Oura

  • 疲労分科会の取組

    Report of Fatigue Subcommittee

    溝上善昭・森山 彰

    Yoshiaki Mizokami, Akira Moriyama

  • 耐震分科会の取組

    Report of Seismic Subcommittee

    西谷雅弘・河藤 千尋

    Masahiro Nishitani, Chihiro Kawatoh

  • 点検分科会 点検技術WGの取組

    Report of Working Group for Inspection Technology, Inspection Subcommittee

    花井 拓・森山 彰

    Taku Hanai, Akira Moriyama

【海外報告】Overseas report

  • ケニア国道路維持管理プロジェクト

    The Road Maintenance Project in Kenya

    池田 秀継

    Hidetsugu Ikeda

  • トルコ オスマン・ガジ橋

    Osmangazi Bridge in Turkey


    Masahiro Nishitani

【技術ニュース】Technical news

  • 韓国道路公社との技術交流~第9回技術交流会の開催~

    The 9th Technical Meeting between HSBE and KEC


    Kazuo Endo

  • 第9回国際吊構造橋梁管理者会議

    The 9th International Cable Supported Bridge Operators’ Conference (ICSBOC2016)


    Naoki Toyama

  • 第8回橋梁の維持管理と安全性に関する国際会議 (IABMAS2016)

    8th International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS2016)


    Yoshiaki Mizokami