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Contribution to the Development of Bridge Engineering

HSBE collects, organizes and analyzes technical information on long-span bridges in domestic and overseas bridge projects. HSBE also sends such information actively as the information base on bridge engineering.

(1) Sending Technical Information

HSBE issues “NEWSLETTER on Long-span Bridges” including the information such as maintenance technique of long-span bridges etc.

(2) Participation in International Conferences

HSBA has participated in a lot of international conferences, such as PIARC (World Road Association), IRF (International Road Federation), IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering), IABMAS (International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety) and REAAA (Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia), and has made presentations on technical information about long-span bridges.

(3) Hosting International Conference

HSBE hosts or supports “International Cable Supported Bridge Operators’ Conference” in cooperation with New York State Bridge Authority, USA, Sund & Baelt Holding A/S, Denmark and Jiangsu Ruyang Bridge Development Co., Ltd., China. The conference is held every two years.

HSBE held the conferences in 2002 and 2008 in Japan.

NEWSLETTER on Long-span Bridges


Presentation in International Conferences

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