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Dog run at Awaji Service Area (inbound/outbound)

Awaji Service Area on the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway has a dog run both the inbound and outbound sides.

The dog run received bowers and benches,providing added comfort for pet owners. Be sure to drop by with your dog.

Awaji Service Area(inbound)dog run

Awaji Service Area(inbound)dog run

Dog run information(inbound)

Facility name Summary(quantity,etc.)
Site area 127.0m2
Drinking fountain 1 location
Bench 1
Bower 1 location
Open hours 24 hours
Other facilities 1 bin for pet waste
Facility description The dog run opened in March 2024.
The dog run provide comfort for pet owners.

Entire dog run

Bower,Bench and Drinking fountain

Awaji Service Area(outbound)dog run


Dog run information(outbound)

Facility name Summary (quantity, etc.)
Site area 651.9m2
Open space Grass
Drinking fountain 1 location
Footbath 1 location
Bench 12
Bower 4 locations
Open hours 24 hours
Other facilities 1 bin for pet waste
Facility description The dog run was renewed in April 2016 after expanding the area by about 200 m2. Now even more users can enjoy it.
The dog run received additional bowers and benches, providing added comfort for pet owners.

Exterior view of dog run

There are bowers in four locations


Pet-only drinking fountain and footbath

The dog run is open and offers good visibility

There is a dog pole also located at the outside terrace of the food court

There is a dog pole also located at the outside terrace of Starbucks Coffee.
Enjoy a cup of coffee while playing with your pet and taking in the views of Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge. 

Facility Rules

This facility is open to the public free of charge. Please abide by the following rules to ensure everyone's safety.

Admission restrictions

  • The following dogs are not allowed.

    Dogs that are aggressive, dogs that have a transmittable disease, and dogs that are not vaccinated or haven't been vaccinated for rabies

  • All small children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Terms of Use

  • Owners must accompany and supervise their dog at all times.
  • Owners must be aware of other dogs, too, to avoid collisions.
  • If two dogs get into fight, the owners must deal with the situation while ensuring their own safety. In addition, owners must help to subdue fights by controlling their dog to prevent it from taking part in fights with other dogs.
  • Dog waste must be disposed off in the designated bin.
  • Be sure to follow other dog owner etiquette.
  • Dog owners accept all responsibility for any accident or incident that occurs inside the dog run.
  • Any trouble between dog owners must be resolved by the parties involved.
  • The dog run may be closed during inclement weather (rain, high wind, snow, thunder, lightning, typhoon, etc.)
  • Please leave the dog run promptly when staff announce they will be closing and locking it.
  • Do not enter the dog run when it is closed.

Road closure informationMay 30, 2024, 09:48 am present date

  • There is no road closure.

  • There is no road closure
    to motorcycle traffic.

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